Weight Loss

    Opus Diagnostics and the Gastric Balloon Group have announced their partnership to introduce a revolutionary medical weight management product to the Ascot and Berkshire community. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in non-invasive weight loss treatments and emphasises both organisations’ shared commitment to improving health and well-being in the region. 

    The Allurion 4 month balloon represents a revolutionary advancement in weight loss technology. This swallowable gastric balloon requires no surgery, anaesthesia, or endoscopy. By occupying space in the stomach, the balloon aids in portion control and overall calorie reduction, perfectly aligning with Opus Diagnostics’ mission to offer innovative and effective health solutions that prioritise patient convenience.

    Philip Wood, Client Director of Opus Diagnostics, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with the Gastric Balloon Group and introduce the Allurion 4 month balloon to our community. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing advanced, non-invasive weight loss options. The Allurion 4 month balloon is a game-changer, offering a blend of convenience, effectiveness, and safety that we believe will significantly improve many lives.”

    The Allurion 4 month balloon procedure is fast and effective, taking less than 20 minutes, with minimal recovery, allowing patients to quickly resume their daily activities. Over 16 weeks, the balloon promotes weight loss by inducing a feeling of fullness sooner and maintaining it longer, thereby reducing food consumption and encouraging sustainable lifestyle changes. 

    This innovative treatment provides an excellent option for individuals seeking alternative weight loss methods, offering a supporting solution to help patients looking to achieve their health and weight goals. For more information on this transformative weight loss solution, please head to the link provided.

    About Opus Diagnostics 

    A leading healthcare provider based in Ascot, Opus Diagnostics specialises in cutting-edge medical diagnostics and treatments that foster community well-being. Focused on innovation and quality care, their mission is to improve patient outcomes with accessible and advanced healthcare solutions.

    About Gastric Balloon Group 

    A premier name in non-surgical weight loss treatments, Gastric Balloon Group provides many innovative solutions to support individuals on their weight loss journey. With safety, effectiveness, and accessibility at their core, they are reshaping weight management through advanced technologies and compassionate care.

    Celebrating a Game-changing Partnership 

    Opus Diagnostics and the Gastric Balloon Group are thrilled to announce this partnership, marking a significant advancement in offering cutting-edge weight loss solutions to patients located in Berkshire and the surrounding areas. To celebrate this collaboration, the two organisations are excited to introduce an exclusive launch offer: for April and May 2024.  

    Patients can benefit from a £400 discount on the Allurion 4 procedure exclusively at the Opus Diagnostics site. This partnership embodies the commitment to providing innovative and accessible health and wellness options, merging the expertise of medical professionals in delivering exceptional client experiences with the Gastric Balloon Group’s renowned weight loss solutions.  

    New standards are being set in the pursuit of wellness and body confidence, ensuring our clients have access to the very best in non-surgical weight management procedures.  

    Join us in celebrating this milestone. Book here to take a step towards a healthier, more confident you.